We know you are fascinated by Monarch butterflies… just like us! We are here to conserve New Zealand’s biodiversity so that our butterflies and moths, and their habitat are enhanced and protected to benefit present and future New Zealanders.

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How you can help

Some butterflies and moths are already at risk from environmental factors. You can help by becoming a member of the MBNZT. Your small subscription goes towards our many projects such as the tagging project, and helps us continue our work to protect and learn more about NZ’s endemic and native butterflies and moths, and habitat. Plus as a member you will receive information-packed newsletters throughout the year so you can learn more about how butterflies and moths behave, upcoming Trust activities and events, along with tips and hints on making your garden more butterfly-friendly.

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Can you recognise some of NZ butterflies and moths?  Take our challenge and find out. See if you can identify which is which by viewing our colourful stickers here

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