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Monarch gathering

One of my girls seen my new plants and says have you seen all the Monarch’s in our park??? Being 7.00pm tonight and not wanting to wait till light I went to have a look and these are some photo’s I took, unbelievable, must be hundreds up there in bunches. If you have any Monarch […]

Matua Monarchs

Two clusters seen today at Matua sites.

Cluster at West Lynn

Hi there Al & I went to check out West Lynn butterfly house this afternoon. Wow amazing to see them clustering and makes you know now what to look for when searching for others. I have attached a pic for you, it was the only one as our camera was going flat. Char Hi There,

Tagging 2009

Awesome photograph, (c) Cos Ray, Tauranga, of tagged Monarch: Email trust@monarch.org.nz for high resolution photograph for publication. Click on the blue link below to download the press release (pdf) sent out today about tagging… Press Release Tagging 2009

Overwintering cluster

Cos Ray took this wonderful photograph of an overwintering cluster earlier this winter, in the Bay of Plenty.

Overwinter Clusters in Christchurch

Images taken last weekend of overwintering sites in Christchurch

Lisa Oneill’s photo of monarchs in her garden in an old Oak tree

This photo taken in June

Maraetai Monarchs

Overwintering near Auckland

Monarch aggregate in Totara tree, Orewa

This photograph was taken by Jan Read on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula – Monarchs overwintering behind the Rodney District Council buildings.

Sighting on Heather, Matua, Tauranga

Hi Jacqui, This photograph was taken this morning by my two sons (Joshua, 11yrs  & Andre 9yrs.) We see plenty of these delightful butterflies in Matua. Chris Lee