Fundraiser for schools

Here’s a way you can help monarch butterflies AND raise funds for your school. People generally expect our monarch butterflies to survive and proliferate when they (gardeners) don’t understand the importance of creating habitat for our pollinators. Each year they buy swan plants for food for their monarch caterpillars. They don’t expect their swan plants to last for more than one season – and as a result the plants never get big enough. A consequence of that is that many of the caterpillars never make it to maturity.

And of course the monarchs are also being hammered by wasps, as well as the usual predators and parasites.

Monarch butterflies need our support and there is a way in which your school can help our beautiful butterflies and also raise funds for the school.

For $100 we will send you 2,000 swan plant seeds and 200 labels with links to our website for more information. The seeds can either be packaged up and distributed around your school community, sold at gala days etc, in return for a gold coin donation (or whatever you decide). This should bring in at least $300 for your school. Or,you may choose to grow seedlings and sell them at gala days etc, bringing in more funds for the school.

You will also receive three copies of each of our colourful and information-packed quarterly magazines for the year (value $75) for your library/school.

You will be:

  • helping New Zealand’s monarch butterflies, and
  • raising funds for the school

We will also be happy to mention your school in press releases which should optimise sales and/or attention for you.

If you are interested, send your ‘affiliate membership’ details (see below) and cheque payment to:

Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust
PO Box 44100
Pt Chevalier
Auckland  1246

or pay by internet banking into the MBNZT bank account  Kiwibank  38-9009-0654693-00  and send an email to  with ‘affiliate membership’ in the subject and include

  • your school name,
  • mail address
  • contact name
  • contact email
  • contact phone

Planting Instructions

Swan plants grow well in full sun.

Fill trays with seed-raising mix, and wet well. Scatter seeds onto the soil, put into a plastic bag t keep the moisture and seeds should sprout within a week. Similarly, in pots, place 3-5 seeds per pot on top of the soil. Cover with a thin layer of potting mix. Leave in a sunny position – a window sill is great to get the seedlings started. Seeds should sprout within 1-2 weeks, depending on the temperature. You should have healthy plants within seven weeks.