Big Backyard Butterfly Count

This was held in November 2015 and will be repeated in future years, but if you wish to comment on our method of collecting this data, please post in the forum.


To raise awareness of New Zealand’s native butterflies, their numbers and spread.


Any one day between 10 and 30 November, for one hour.

I’m Ready!

Download your tools and tips HERE.


We want everyone to participate up and down the country and islands such as the Chatham, Great Barrier and Stewart Islands. Schools, scout groups, gardening clubs, conservation groups, Young Farmers Clubs, walking groups, anyone and everyone. Do your bit and also invite others you know who may be interested.

The data collected this year will give us a baseline or snapshot of our Lepidoptera species in gardens, parks, schools and on farmland. Data from future years will show us trends in the populations and how environmental change is affecting them. You may decide to count your butterflies on one particular day – or total them up over the ten day period. However, it’s important that you are consistent between counts (different years).

Butterfly counts are a regular event in Britain, Europe and North America and scientists are learning so much about what is happening to our Lepidoptera. Butterflies and day-flying moths are excellent subjects because they are so visible and better known than other insects.

Here are the species:

Butterfly Count poster (922x1280)