Crazy Chrysalis Contest 2018

Another Crazy Chrysalis Contest for the season of 2018-19 started on 1 March. Entries will close on 31 March 2019. Kings Seeds is offering prizes of the gorgeous Tithonia speciosa “Goldfinger” or Mexican Marigold… a MUST for your monarch butterfly garden 2020.

or email entries to (if you don’t do Facebook)

Here are the rules:

1. Post photos ONLY of chrysalises where caterpillars have formed in crazy (amusing) places. You will have to ask to join before you can post – but there are no restrictions in joining.

2. Note that anyone can enter, BUT prizewinners will be chosen from New Zealand entries (so we can post prizes to them).

3. Tell us where you are (your exact address is not required at this point, but it would be nice to know what part of the country you’re from.)

4. Add a short caption with your photo if you wish.

5. Please spread the word! Tell your friends! The more entries the crazier.

These are the entries from the contest held in January 2018.

Gumboots from Lorraine Lopes:

Zelda Innes, take a seat!

Monique Wiles can’t use the hose!


Look at this funny one from Catherine Atkinson

Reaching great heights, Kelly Watson


Looking in and out, Julzz Reihana

Look at this one on the computer from Jeanna Rodgers

By the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin, Gael Baldock


This chrysalis in a spider web is from Chelsea Armstrong

Look at these one on a clothes peg from Fred Jubber

Angelic! Thanks Maria Romero

An awesome chrysalis tree from Leonie Gubb

In the blackberries, sent in by Stan Richards

You couldn’t use this blanket, Helen Jamieson

Look at these two on a bucket sent in byRuth Swale

Look at this one on a sprinkler and another on a penguin, both from Jeannette Calvert

A chrysalis on a little pink trash can from Kirstyn Barnett

This one on a watering can is from Bryon Taylor

A lot of pupae here, thanks Christine Whitmore

These two symmetrical chrysalises, a cheeky frog, are from Jennifer Barry

Look at these two from Bronwyn Ward – firstly the flowerpot man

And on the green waste bag:

These pictures are from Matt Smith

You won’t be using this chair for a few days…

This looks curious! Thanks Kendall Cooper

On the guinea pig’s cage from Jenny Bishop

The winning Crazy Chrysalis underneath their car – is from Tara Chadwick

This chrysalis on the bedhead is from Suzanne Ahlquist Tilton

This one on the cat is from Gillian Eadie

Those two beautiful chrysalises are from Karen Aynsley

This bearded frog is from Carol Taylor

This one is from Andrea Reid. A true pollinator knows its place!

How about on a tomato? Thanks Julia Dempster

This picture of a chrysalis on a tape dispenser is from Brenda Sattler Dziedzic, in the USA.

Another chrysalis in a spider web, this one is from Stephanie Collard

These two crazy chrysalises are from Chantel Goodin

How about this trellis from Christine Gardiner

A bearded pig from Terena Bailey

Two pupae on a flag from Chris Burgess (That’s Hunter in the back, Rowan in the front)


The swingball and the compost bin from Christine Withmore