For financial members each Spring we have cuttings available of the following plants, all excellent for providing off-season nectar. Before ordering, please read the following carefully and see what is available NOW. If it’s not shown as available you can pre-order for the following year but this will need to be a separate order (i.e. separate P&P).

Butterflies enjoying the white Mexican tree daisy (Montanoa grandiflora) and yellow Mexican tree daisy or sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) both of which flower early in winter, a time of year when there’s not much else flowering in the garden, attracting butterflies, bees and bumble bees.

Yellow Mexican marigold bush – Tagetes lemmonii (see below) with its aromatic foliage and brightly coloured flowers. Can flower all year round in the right location!

Buddleja salviifolia, the spring-flowering Buddleia (NOT a pest plant). Masses of small, lilac blooms are borne in large panicles. The flowers are sweetly scented – some say the colour is pink while others describe the colour as mauve. Flowering in spring.


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Tagetes lemmonii and

Buddleja salvifolia

Prices for cuttings are $22 (for one, includes P&P). For each additional cutting, add $5.

To order, please cut and paste the following into an email. Subject should be “CUTTINGS”. Fill in the gaps, and send this to



Please supply:

____ cutting(s) of white Mexican tree daisy (Montanoa grandiflora) – grows 2-3 metres

____ cutting(s)  of yellow Mexican tree daisy/sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) – grows 2-3 metres

____ cutting(s)  of mauve winter-flowering Buddleia (Buddleja salviifolia) – grows 2-3 metres

____ cutting(s)  of yellow Mexican marigold (Tagetes lemmonii) – grows 1-2 metres

TOTAL: ____ cuttings


1 = $22 (this includes P&P) and add $5 for each additional cutting required.

I have paid by:  (DELETE ONE)

bank deposit to the MBNZT (Kiwibank 38-9009-0654693-00)


cheque (posted to MBNZT, PO Box 44100, Pt Chevalier, Auckland 1246)


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Full address including Postcode:


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