Butterflies enjoying the white Mexican tree daisy (Montanoa grandiflora) and yellow Mexican tree daisy or sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) both of which flower early in winter, a time of year when there’s not much else flowering in the garden, attracting butterflies, bees and bumble bees.

Cuttings are now available to financial members of the MBNZT.

Also available are yellow Mexican marigold bush cuttings – Tagetes lemmonii (see below).

(Note: In September-October we will have cuttings of Buddleja salviifolia, the spring-flowering Buddleia (NOT a pest plant). Watch out for the e-news as to when to order!)

Prices are $12 (for one), $17 (two) and $22 (three) plus $8 per order for P&P.

To order, please cut and paste the following into an email. Subject should be “CUTTINGS”. Fill in the gaps, and send this to



Please supply:

____ cutting(s) of white Mexican tree daisy (Montanoa grandiflora) – grows 2-3 metres

____ cutting(s)  of yellow Mexican tree daisy/sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) – grows 2-3 metres

____ cutting(s)  of yellow Mexican marigold (Tagetes lemmonii) – grows 1-2 metres

TOTAL: ____ cuttings


(1 = $12, and add $5 for each additional cutting required. Then add $8 for P&P.)

I have paid by:  (DELETE ONE)

bank deposit to the MBNZT (Kiwibank 38-9009-0654693-00)


cheque (posted to MBNZT, PO Box 44100, Pt Chevalier, Auckland 1246)


First Name: __________________

Last Name: __________________

Full address including Postcode:


Telephone:  ________________