I have tagged a Monarch. How do I record the release details online?

Log in to the website. On the right-hand side near “Welcome Jacqui” you can click on Research. Once you are in to wp-admin you will see a black panel on the left-hand side. The sub-menu under Research may be open (or not). If not, you will see the sub-menu when you point at the word ‘Research’. To open it, click on the word ‘Research’.

Under the ‘Research’ tab select ‘Tag Butterfly’.

Hint: You can bookmark this page so that it is easier to find next time.

Now, in the ‘Address’ box BEGIN to type your the release site address (or the address of a nearby home). GIVE THE PROGRAMME TIME while it searches for your exact address from the mapping data stored on line. You will notice it will prompt you with addresses (the line will go blue). YOU MUST SELECT THE CORRECT ADDRESS.

DO NOT try and correct the selected address (for example if you disagree with the suburb.) The address is as per the mapping data according to local and central government.

When you have selected the correct address, the latitude and longitude will appear automatically next to ‘Co-ordinates’.

If you have issues with your address, please add to the discussion in the forum.

Choose the correct tag number from the pull down menu under ‘Tag’. You can choose to record the condition of your butterfly, whether you reared it or if is wild (i.e. you don’t know its origin) and whether it’s a male or female. Males have thinner veins than females and also have a ‘scent pouch’ (which shows as a black spot) on each hind wing.

Male Monarch:

Female Monarch:
(Photos thanks to Darren Gedye)

Optional information you may like to include about the butterfly you tagged and releases are:

Weight – To weigh a butterfly, place the butterfly inside a fold of paper and weigh with very delicate scales. Remove the butterfly from the folded paper and weigh the piece of paper on its own. Subtract the weight of the paper from the combined weight of the butterfly and folded paper. Monarchs typically weight about 0.5g.

Size – Measure the wing length from the point of the forewing where it is attached to the body across to the outer tip of the forewing.

Once you have entered all the information for your released butterfly, select ‘Submit’.