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    This from Karen Oberhauser (who knows more about Monarchs than we’ll ever know jointly).

    Project MonarchHealth, out of the University of Georgia, is a comprehensive and large-scale study of the incidence of Oe throughout the breeding range.

    MonarchHealth is a project in which volunteers sample wild monarch butterflies to help track the spread of a protozoan parasite across North America. Our mission is to achieve a broader understanding of host-parasite interactions in monarch butterflies and to enhance awareness of monarch biology and conservation through the coupling of citizens and scientists.

    Participants in the project been collecting hundreds of samples from butterflies over the last few years, and sending these samples (which are collected without harming the butterflies) to the U of GA. They have amassed very interesting data on the spatial and temporal distribution of this parasite. Their website also contains excellent background on its biology: see http://www.monarchparasites.org/

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