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    Final query! I have a chyrsallis which fell off as the leaf it was on was chewed off by another caterpillar. It looked undamaged and i have re-attache it to a bamboo pole. I have another ready to emerge which attached itself to the pole and noticed that one is facing the opposite way round to the one i have just re-attached. Is this a problem and also is it a problem that they have attached themselves to a pole where parts of the chrysallis are touching the wood?

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    Yes, do let us know how you get on please. Thanks for caring 🙂



    Shouldn’t be a problem, if I am understanding what you’ve written correctly.

    So long as the little stump (cremaster) is attaching it to a place, where the rest of it can hang relatively free, it should be fine. Take a look at these photographs here:

    Another ‘hanger’ for my caterpillars and chrysali…

    Please let us know how you get on.


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