What's eating my Buddleias?

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    Just got home (Auckland) yesterday to find lots of damaged leaves on some of my buddleias. Leaves have holes in them, on them, and some leaves are just a string of bits… Can’t find any critters though.

    Is anyone else having similar problems?

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    Here’s Anna’s photograph:

    Shield bug eating Buddleia weevil larvae



    Cleopus japonicas the little weevil Norm mentioned has been having a field day in some of my buddleias at the moment, so they have been given a severe prune. Normally I am pretty vigilant and spot any damaged leaves, and get rid of them, but I was away for several weeks.

    I did noticeĀ  a vegetable bug eating one of the larvae…so perhaps they may help with control of them?

    I have always squashed any vege bug until now, but am having second thoughts.

    (I took some photos, so will upload one if I can)



    the bronze beetle is around too, as it hatches it then attacks whatever plant/tree it is near and my camellia is quite often the target.unless I put soil insect killer on the ground the beetles hatch every year



    It may also be the introduced biological control weevil Cleopus japonicus, which is achieving remarkable results in decimating the ‘pest plant’ Buddleia davidii. I have been squishing a number of the said weevil on my ornamental Buddleia butterfly bush lately, this after spraying it last season when it had finished flowering, to try and eliminate the weevil larvae that were blitzing the leaves on my shrub.
    While the plantation industry sees the Buddleia as a pest plant, butterfly lovers will no doubt see the problem in reverse – a pest weevil.



    Probably the juvenile of Passion fruit vinehoppers….. they love buddleia!

    Just leave them alone Jacqui and encourage the birds down to feed on them… they won’t harm the buddleias….

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