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    We have a beautiful picture book to give away. We will be doing a lucky draw on 16 December. The book is called WHAT WILL IT BE? Just wait and see!

    Book Cover

    I always get excited when I come across a new book to inspire young children about butterflies. Children have so many questions and I love seeing their curiousity piqued. So when I read this new book from Shiree Schumacher, I was delighted.

    Pip is given a plant with a tiny egg on its leaf. Once it hatches it keeps growing and changing. As you turn the pages, you wonder what it could be (of course we know!) but the rhymes and easy-to-read large font make it ideal for grandparents or parents or older siblings to read to pre-schoolers and younger children. It perfectly illustrates the metamorphosis of a monarch in a very charming way.

    As a teaching tool, it offers starter material for inquiry topics on insects, butterfly metamorphosis, the different ways in which insects, birds, reptiles and mammals are born or hatch, and the importance of pollinators to the environment. There is good information on the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and tips on how to care for them too. And it’s a New Zealand book!

    Publisher – Illo Books
    Author – Shiree Schumacher
    Format – Paperback
    Price – $20 postage paid from the MBNZT shop
    ISBN – 9780473491291
    Size – 210 x 285 mm
    Pages – 32
    Weight – 169g
    Illustrations and text – Shiree Schumacher
    Category – Children’s picture book (2-6)
    Publication date – 4 November 2019

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    My niece Poppy who loves butterflies.



    I would read this beautiful book to newest granddaughter Elouise. She has two big sisters who also love to read to her and I often involve the big girls in observing the chrysalis development on my swan plants in the hope they will take up the cause as well. They love observing the butterflies and often photograph them when we can find them in a suitable place. This book would reinforce for all in their family the experiences they have had and children just love to read about their own experiences!

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