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    I am in Napier. My current 4 swan plants have had eggs laid on them but the eggs disappear. I suspect the wasps (long skinny ones) are eating the eggs. Normally at this time I have dozens of caterpillars. But so far I have only seen 3 new borns, who also disappeared. Are wasps eating these? Are others finding this season problematical?

    I have about 6 other plants currently growing up. These are my replacement stock for when current 3 plants are eaten out (stock plants are protected from egg layers until they get bigger). Sadly this looks like the one time my replacement stock will not be necessary.

    I would like some help, please, or even to know if this is happening elsewhere?
    Thanks, Maureen

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    Hi, Ants certainly take eggs and I’ve seen them even eat hanging J’s and crystalysis. They can bite them and a bead forms and next thing they’re sucked dry. As soon as they hatch they will be taken by wasps and probably spiders. I’ve seen preying mantis of course and vegetable shield bugs slurping them. Unless the plant is hidden there is often not much chance of anything surviving outside not covered unfortunately. I have about half? my really big cats survive to eclose if I put them outside. Liz



    Spiders eat eggs and small caterpillars (I believe). I have some lovely big plants in my top garden that nothing survived on last year (eggs or anything hat did hatch) . Big caterpillars I put on from elsewhere did well though. When I went looking I found smallish yellow spiders hiding on the plants, they would jump off when I found them.



    Thanks Jacqui, there are no ants visible, but I will put anti-ANT product at the base of the plants as a precaution. Do you think wasps are unlikely to eat eggs? There are always 1 or 2 wasps around the plants. The plants do also have a lot of aphids already, which is early for me.



    It could be ants taking them… are there ants running up and down the stems?

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