Warning! careful where you buy swan plants

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    About 5 years ago had trouble with plants from Mega Mitre 10 Christchurch. Jacqui talked to growers and there was a bit on the news about it.

    Well I haven’t got plants from there since until a couple days ago as food was running out from the plants I got at the start of egg laying, from another place. Anyway i also got some plants from Hammer hardware but haven’t had trouble with these in the past. Both lots of plants are Zealandia and I fear they have got overspray on to plants because my healthy big babies are dying..

    Luckily I only got 8 small plants from Mitre 10, I can’t prove anything but this is most likely to me as the ones at Hammer Hardware had eggs on and have never been a problem.

    Has anyone else experienced problems from there and please be cautious if going there

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    I was warned by staff at Mitre 10 Paraparaumu to buy the small plants only as they are new arrivals from Zealandia. The larger plants have drift spray on them from the ornamentals right next door to the swans.
    Any recommendations for safe sellers of swan plants?
    My own plants have not fully recovered fome winter as yet.
    And there are about 300 caterpillars on them and about 40 pupas and Js.



    probably about 9 years and very particular around here with hands not having anything on them and I don’t even let people use spray in the far away toilets so I can’t think of anything else it would be



    Oh Yvonne – that’s no good. How many years have you been raising monarchs? GRR!

    Please go back to the stores and make sure they know – they won’t be happy to have distressed customers.


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