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    I had been researching the climate, to see whether climate is warming up or not.

    I found the number of ground frosts were dropping over 20 past years, with decreasing rate: 10-15 frosts per year. But I think dropping by 10-15 frosts per year, may not be true.

    Auckland had 10 ground frosts a year during 1970s to 1980s, then decreasing to 8 ground frosts a year during 1980s to today.

    Temperature in NZ,  is raising up over past 100 years, with 13 oC to 14 oC during 1880s to 1920s and 14 oC to 15 oC during 1920s to 1980s and 14 oC to 16 oC during 1990s to today, with 16 oC becoming common while 14 oC becoming rare.

    Likely the butterflies might increase their numbers, because of warmer winter, while Asian paper wasps either migrate southward or carry on breeding thought whole year.

    I am still researching as there are things in climate, need researching.


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    Not much interesting butterfly season, and no Australian butterflies came to NZ as cyclone “Sandra” did not reached Queenland and NZ.  I had not been hunted for butterflies as I had been busy looking after and raising my heliconia seedlings in my hothouse. I am interested in highland heliconias.

    Only interesting large moth: On January this year I caught two hawk moths at light in Thames. I had never caught hawk moths in NZ all my life before, until January this year, and a woman named Ann had found a huge hawk moth caterpillar & collected it for me. Now it is a pupa, and won’t hatch until around Christmas season.

    Seems the two hawk moths had came from New Caledonia or Australia, maybe ride the cyclone “Sandra”  I had found them resting on ledge of light at night on January this year.They must flew for 2,000 k/m to 5,000 k/m over sea.

    The pupa I have, have 50% chance of survival inside my house. Outdoor all of the hawkmoth pupaes are killed by cold wet soil during winter.

    Our future winters will either stay same, or getting little wetter.

    Numbers of hawkmoth pupaes will be very few by time 1 or 2 moths hatch and start breeding.  You need food plants: kumera for caterpillars.

    Farmers & gardeners had destroyed these caterpillars in kumera, so I worried about our NZ-bred hawk moth were “endangered” or “Threatened” in NZ

    I had not seen Red Admiral butterflies since 2011, in Thames.

    I were not very happy as NIWA seems to block my questions about climate and I had asked a old man in Napier about NIWA and climate, over 2 weeks ago, but today he told me he tried to contact NIWA, but NIWA seems to blocked his questions.  I had been researched the NZ climate for upper North Island, and I need to know:

    How many ground frosts a year for Thames, northward to Far North

    How long the frost season lasts, for Thames, northward to Far North

    average dates of last frosts, for Thames, northward to Far North

    Whether numbers of ground frosts are decreasing or not, per year from 1900s to 2010

    Average minimum winter nighttime temperature

    Record minimum winter nighttime

    Average minimum winter daytime temperature

    Record minimum winter daytime temperature

    Temperature is raising (getting warm) or not

    Whether Thames, Auckland, Whangarei, Kaitaia are in zone 9b-11 or zone 10-11 or zone 9.

    Do not trust NIWA, as NIWA do not research the climate, frosts and numbers of frrosts a year, with staffs not very helpful.

     Over a past month ago, I had sent NIWA my questions, but NIWA had never sent me the answers, and I felt very disppointed about NIWA’s poor attitudes toward people.





    Great to hear from you Clinton. We’ve missed seeing your posts!

    Welcome back. How has the butterfly season been for you?

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