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    Sorry mejamie, I use tweezers for tying the knots (good eyesight/glasses helps too) and I haven’t had one come undone (thank heavens) I am still in the ‘learning’ phase and am ecstatic at how successful my first attempt at raising Monarchs has been. Another handy hint, I have found that using a teaspoon to retrieve fallen catties and fallen chrysalis is great, virtually no handling.



    I find the synthetic invisible sewing thread too difficult to work with, and the knots are not as reliable – they can come undone – plummeting your chrysalis to the ground (I only did it once!).



    Another great way someone suggested, and perhaps I have already noted it in the forum… one man has used “battens” and drilled holes in them, I should think about the size of a man’s business shirt button, probably a few mm deep. He has filled the holes with blue-tak, and then sticks the cremaster, or what’s left of it, into the blue-tak. Sounds like a really easy way of transferring them. (Thanks Dave Christie)



    I have successfully ‘saved ‘ 9 chrysalids using a synthetic invisible sewing thread, 4 have hatched already. (This is my first year and so far I have released 180 butterflies)



    The way me and my family has always done it is much easier.

    Simply tie a cotton thread around the black cremaster, then gently pull it away from whatever it is attached to. The silk will pull away with the cremaster and the chrysalis will not fall if the knot is firm.

    You can then tie the thread to something else.

    Only use a cotton thread! A nylon thread is too smooth and will not hold a knot properly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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