Tiny Monarch Chrysalis

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    About a week ago I had a tiny caterpillar pupate. I think this is expected because there wasn’t much food, and it didn’t want to eat. I had another one like this a few days before, but it failed to pupate due to the skin not being under enough tension to split.
    I think it is a male, though it may be that that tiny line for a female is just too hard to see. Hopefully it survives!
    Tiny Chrysalis
    EDIT: If image doesn’t show up, right click, and open in new tab

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    I had to euthanize my first butterfly today 🙁
    Yesterday I released the butterfly that eclosed from that small chrysalis. He seemed to be able to fly even though the wings were very slightly bent, and so I let it fly over to a bush. The next morning (today) was a partial frost, and it had only moved one bush over. A leg had frozen to a leaf, and the butterfly had ripped it off without realising, same with the two antennae. I tried giving it some honey water, but it didn’t want to feed, so I guess the proboscis was probably damaged. A chunk of his wing was also ripped off. 🙁 I now wish I had never released the butterfly and continued caring for him. 🙁




    I’ve had one just as tiny this year and yes much to my amazement it did survive and the darlingest little girl emerged. Good luck, will be interested to hear how it went!

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