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    Hi , I’ve just received some tags so I can attach them once the butterflies hatch. I’ve never done this before , so I’m not real sure what to do. I live in Leamington , Cambridge . Is there anyone in Cambridge who can show me how to attach them ?

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    Hi Chris , thanks for making contact. I did make contact with Alison , but it was hard actually finding a time which was suitable for both of us. So I have been having a go myself.I have managed to tag 6 butterflies out of 7, which I thought was pretty good for a 1st timer, the 7th one wouldn’t attach properly . I managed not to hurt the butterfly trying to apply it and it did fly away ,which was good.
    Yes I know you , I’ve been buying plants from your stall for the last few months. Is it possible to make contact as I was after some more swan plants?


    Chris G

    Just wanted to add too how awesome to hear that you are nurturing & tagging the butterflies at Cambridge High School!!


    Chris G

    Hello Kangaiwi03!! I am also in Leamington, Cambridge & have just ordered my tags, also for the first time. I am at Muffin’s B&B, I also sell plants (including swan plants) at the monthly market. I’m outside Patterson Burn optometrists. Maybe I’ll see you there!
    Regards Chris



    Great thanks ,Alison , I’ll send an email.


    Hi there
    I am a teacher at Cambridge High, we tagged for the first time last year so could offer you some help.
    You can contact me on at@camhigh.school.nz

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