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    Just a suggestion to anybody who is tagging at the moment. I have my sheet of tags and some toothpicks in my handbag ready to tag any stray monarchs I come across. In fact, I got so excited when I spotted 3 recently hatched monarchs at my local Mitre 10 – my husband had to finish the shopping on his own while I got busy tagging them – I think the customers and staff thought I was a bit nutty!

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    Well done Alison. We need more people like you out there tagging like this.
    I try to catch and tag all the wild Monarchs that come onto our section. I have done well so far.

    Even had a few butterflies returning a few weeks after being tagged to lay or just feed off nectar.
    Lovely to have them coming back;-)

    Keep up the good work.




    Hi Alison, Loved picturing you in Mitre 10 tagging, fantastic! I must visit more often with tags at the ready. Good to know the staff hadn't washed the pillars down the drain as per a previous note too. Keep up the good work. J:)

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