Swanplant "bagging"

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    I suspect there’s been a little predator somewhere in my flat, so I’ve evacuated my caterpillars back outside into the new "Plantbag #1"

    I went to the local Mitre 10, and purchased some fine netting, purportedly for keeping insects off – it is finer than the bodysize of the average paper wasp, whilst still allowing for movement of air.

    Folded over, and stitched down the sides with nylon, I have popped one over the large potted swanplant on my doorstep, and tied off the bottom.

    In the event that the leaves seem too crushed, I’ve also purchased a round of wire, to spread the next bag out a little.

    Will attach a photo when next able to.

    On the current chrysalis front, I was saddened that there seems to have been something distressing the last lot – two didn’t make it to chrysalis form – quite – they died in the process (suspect they were traumatized or somehow injured with the wasp debacle of earlier, or perhaps the fault was mine with too much handling? They seemed to stop eating, and attempted to "J" when still a bit small.

    A miniscule chrysalis hatched with an absolutely perfect tiny monarch – except that I think the abdomen wasn’t fully ready – it seemed hard.

    I was sad, for I came home to find it deceased on the sill. Its main wing length was barely 3 centimetres long, it had all body parts functional.

    I have a question – do wasps still attack butterflies in chrysalis form?

    Also, Jacqui, re. the nettles, I’m seeing 4 miniscule shoots at the moment, and hoping for more. :) Will keep you posted!

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    Thanks for the information, Norm! The mesh will stay on, and butterflies will be released when they hatch, from the mesh, with care.

    Jacqui, yes I got the email. Annoyingly I’m doing some hard yards at work until at least the 4th of March, so won’t be able to attend – some days my job is like a sweatshop! :/

    I have no monarchs approaching anything near pupation, either. (But hoping for a bumper crop in a few weeks 😀 – as long as the netting works!)

    On the seedling count, I now have 8 little green dots! Here’s hoping for more. 🙂



    Hi Kirby,

    Wasps and praying mantises are both reported to consume butterfly pupae (chrysalis)



    Great idea – I used to use a mosquito net and they would be reasonably priced right now, I guess, it being the end of summer (boo hoo).

    Great about the nettles!

    Did you get my email about this weekend, up at the museum? Will send again if it disappeared in your spam folder.


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