Swan Plants needed Manawatu region (pref Feilding/Palmerston)

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    I currently have 3 large catipillars and 3 very small, started off buying 2 plants with only a couple small ones on there for my daughter to learn about the life cycle (and my enjoyment also) but mustn’t have seen the smaller ones/eggs on there! Have now gone through 4 large swan plants ($20) and now down to the stalks. I can’t afford to buy any more plants until this weekend (I obviously should have researched a little more on how much they eat!) If there is anyone in the Manawatu region with spare plants I would be eternary greatful! I can’t bare the thought of me and my daughter seeing them starve 🙁 also am I able to supplement them on courgettes for the meantime? I’m sure I read the smaller ones can’t have them? Thanks in advance!

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