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    Because of a shortage of swan plants last year I grew 4 dozen plants.I have 32 chrysalis and shredded sticks left. I discovered another dozen baby caterpillars, so rather risk them starving whilst waiting for my swan plants to regenerate, I made the fateful decision and bought 4 large plants from Mitre 10. I have since had 6 of the caterpillars die, writhing around on the soil excreting a dark green fluid. I have taken the remaining caterpillars of these plants and put them on a couple of reasonable regrown original plants. I am so angry. I had successfully nurtured all the previous caterpillars through to chrysalis from growing my plants from seed. I am waiting for mitre 10 to get back to me as I truely believe the plants had been sprayed.

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    Hello Julie

    I am not surprised that you’re angry, Julie. Please tell us which Mitre 10 and we’ll lend you some support. I’m tired of getting these complaints too – and imagine how many people don’t comment.

    I have just sent a friend in Wellington some plants I had grown, so she may have some to spare. They weren’t huge, but there were more than what she wanted. May I give her your contact details?


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