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    Ok, Hi 🙂

    Soooo my daughters granny has bought some swan plants……3 of them to be kept at our house of course!!

    They are fairly small at this stage. So I am wondering if its best to plant them in the garden or in a pot each???? I have seen small swan plants devoured by hungry caterpillars.

    How often would I water??

    Can I keep them inside for now???

    I am not green fingered at all and have NO success with anything green really.

    Was hoping for some advice.


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    When they need water, the tops of the plants will begin to hang down. When they need repotting, when you tap on the outside of the pot it will sound very solid inside – plus roots will start coming out the bottom.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks Guys.

    The advice on when to water is great 🙂

    They stand approx. 40 cm tall, does that sound right for a new plant???

    I haven’t re potted them yet and are standing in their original containers under my back porch.

    Jacqui I am in Hawkes Bay.



    Hello tea_licious – whereabouts are you? Maybe I can suggest someone nearby that can give you lots of local knowledge. Just your general area or suburb would be helpful.

    Funnily enough, I am putting together a piece for the SUMMER issue of BUTTERFLIES right now, with lots of good tips for raising healthy swan plants and thus caterpillars. Hope that will be helpful for you.

    Feel free to ask more specific questions here. And in brief here’s some more answers:

    How often would I water?? – rub your finger on the soil beneath the plant. if soil sticks to your finger, it doesn’t need watering. If it is dry/dusty, do water it. They need more water if they are in pots because the water will drain out of the bottom.

    Can I keep them inside for now??? Yes, you can until they get bigger. When you say “small”, how tall are they? Of course, they’ll need to be outdoors to meet up with a female monarch and get eggs. 🙂



    hiya firstly be aware swan plants are poisonous to cats .. maybe dogs . just so you know :)if you have them inside … never seen animals chewing them outside though. From my experience swan plants like to be moist or even wet but they don’t tolerate standing in water. Be careful if you feed them as many plant foods are toxic to caterpillars. Read the advice regards how many caterpillars per plant as caterpillars really hit them hard.

    Also be wary of slugs and snails and aphids outside and white mould inside. IMO the healthiest plants are kept outside in sunny and sheltered places.

    have fun

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