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    A friend who has a very bushy tall swan plant has given me fresh seeds from 2017 pods. I am certain they are giant swan plant seeds.If you are interested in some please send me a self addressed envelope – email me at catlovercaryl@gmail.com
    I’d like them to be used in Wellington since these seeds come from a very strong plant, obviously suited to our conditions.

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    hiya Mattie, no in Welly sorry or I could help. I’ve already taken some immigrants lol … we have had the correctly named ‘bummer summer’ here although autumn has cheered up a bit. But butterfly numbers well down and been lots of mortality due to the weather. Without my plastic glasshouse I think things would have been dire indeed.
    good luck!



    Hi Leslie, My friend’s one is about 5.5 feet. It is extremely bushy. Even though I have rehomed cats on it and so has someone else there’s no sign of it having been eaten. It gets all day sun. Yes the red one is the tropical one. I don’t grow it anymore after a season with them and they just spread out and nothing more. I have about 80 new swan plants all various sizes and few cats. As you know I have sent hundreds of eggs south and just this week another 90. One year I had 465 butterflies born in February alone! Magical. I have had about 250 butterflies only this season. Warm regards, Caryl



    Red flowers are the tropical milkweed, Asclepias curassavica. The giants (Gomphorcarpus physocarpus) don’t get much bigger than the swan plant – indeed it is very hard to tell them apart from the swan plant (G. fruticosus) but the leaves are just a little bit thicker, there are usually more of them, and the ends are rounded.

    The MBNZT sells all three species but generally only sell the swan plant seeds in bulk. You can buy any of them here and remember that funds go towards our projects, magazine etc.




    Hi Leslie, are you in the Auckland area by any chance? Looking for swan plant cuttings to feed hungry cats.



    out of interest how big do the giants get? I’ve got some 6ft+ plants here. The irony is I have masses of plant and very little in the way of caterpillars this year … probably 20 max at the moment. but I digress. I have seen some plants with red flowers too but suspect they are the tropical variety.

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