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    One of my caterpillars have a filament that bends down on itself. After reading people’s post I decided to euthanise it. Does oe spread. By poop? Etc? Another has a very slight curve on his filament. Should I euthanise it too 🙁

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    Hi Raising Stripes, OE is spread by the female butterfly when she visits plants and the spores are deposited on the leaves.  Then when the cats are born they ingest this parasite and they will die.

    As for the bent filament I would let it be and see what happens.

    Caryl in Wellington



    Hello RaisingStripes

    Plenty of information about Oe under the hot tags to the right. Look under disease in particular. There are links to excellent articles which are informative too.

    Please remember to add tags when posting.


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