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    I live in Taupo and each year raise as many butterflies as I can grow food for.
    About 170 this year
    I need to grow the plants in plastic houses to keep plants alive in the winter and also protect the caterpillars from wasps.
    Yesterday I had a butterfly hatch which was surprising.
    About 10 weeks ago I has some late caterpillars which matured to chrysalis.
    However as usually happens as it gets colder they either die or the butterflies hatch deformed.]
    The one that hatched had hung all those weeks.
    Has anyone had this happen before?
    A first for me

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    Well done – what a wonderful event!
    Your care and attention is to be commended!
    I move the pupae indoors to a warmish room when it gets colder and hang them with Leukotape onto skewers inside cut out boxes, with a soft tea towel for them to climb up if they fall whilst eclosing.
    I pop them in a large Castle when their wings have dried – and release the Butterflies on warm calm mornings. I feed them honey/soy water until I can release them.
    Most do well with this warmth and shelter.
    Best wishes

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