Students would love someone to teach them how to tag butterflies

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    Hi I teach at Lichfield School near Putaruru and Tokoroa in the South Waikato. We have two swan plants in our classroom in pots and the children are delighted in watching the developments each day! The crystalis have only just formed so I’m guessing the butterfliess will be about 3 weeks away. We would love it if someone could come and show us how to tag our butterflies correctly and maybe talk about it to the kids. Thanks in advance!

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    Great, Melissa, that’s terrific.

    Also, there’s a video here of me putting tags on.

    Jacqui tagging monarch

    S. Cassels – I hope that you’ve seen the explanation about the practice tags – think it’s on the instructions under the “Tagging and Transects” button to the left of this screen.


    Melissa Sunshine

    we are Room 16 at Waimauku School in Auckland (Year 5 and 6). We have been tagging butterflies for the last two years, and it is totally possible for students to do it themselves. If you like, we could set up some face time, and I will have my ‘expert’ talk to your eager butterfly taggers. Let me know.
    Melissa Jackson

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