Stink Bug Predating Caterpillar

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    I have just found a large caterpillar being predated by a stink bug. Is this a regular occurrence?
    I have a photo – its a brown variegated bug

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    Meant to add the link to the very useful Landcare page:

    And now I can’t find it… but if someone has a few minutes to go here and navigate to the correct link for this bug family.



    I’m never sure what to call the things that attack my caterpillars either, though I have called them assassin bugs :). They are a triangle shape and I’ve had them in brown and green and more recently a smaller black version. Whatever they are called they are pretty lethal to caterpillars, and yes the brown ones look just like the advertised stink bug. If I find them lurking on the plant, or more likely, busy sucking the life out of a caterpillar I deal to them.



    It may well have been the brown soldier bug (Cermatulus nasalis nasalis), a native of NZ.

    Most of the stink bugs feed on plant material. Here is more information about the brown soldier bug.

    It does look similar to the brown marmorated stink bug which is a species MPI are on the lookout for.

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