Some Monarchs are very tough!

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    I am discovering how incredibly tough some of the Monarchs are- recently I had a successful eclosure from a fallen ā€˜Jā€™ which I initially got to attach itself to a cotton bud until it turned into a chrysalis, at which point it fell off. I then attached it to a straw with thread & a tiny dab of nail polish. I made a particular note of the date, & a few weeks later it eclosed, a perfect specimen as far as I could tell. And yet others have been unsuccessful despite pupating in good conditions….
    I still have over a dozen late chrysalids- they are small but I’m hopeful as I move them around to make the most of the available light & warmth. I hope they will be able to join the over-wintering colony in nearby Dominion Park (Hamilton)

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    Well done regarding your efforts! Great work. I use Leukotape and tape the front and rear of the cap of the pupa onto a bamboo skewer secured in a large enough box. Other tapes are a bit toxic so I avoid those with additves like Zinc etc.

    Best wishes for the remaining pupa!

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