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    Snails are out and about on my swan plants and nettle again after the dry spell. I collected 1/2 a bucket this evening!. The snails ring barked the milkweeds and nettle over winter, lost all my big trees last year t0 them.

    night petrols are an interesting past time.


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    Will try the coffee grounds, try your local starbucks they often have them for free removel. Angie



    Hi Clair

    Thanks for the tip on the chooks not liking snails. Mine are so fussy anyway that they would probably turn their beaks up to them even if they did like them. I have to agree with mimi (Esther), I haven’t seen snails around either but then I have my plants up off the ground in a glass house and anything that doesn’t belong in their, including my beloved German Shepherd, soon gets a short sharp “out”. Its quite funny really, but I have the chooks, ducks and the dog all waiting for me outside the glasshouse waiting for my attention when I eventually emerge. My routine in the mornings now is caterpillars first, then chooks and ducks and lastly my beloved Dayna (GShepherd). They have all got use to it and just wait for their turn.



    Dear all,

    So far I have had no problems with snails myself. (Should’nt say that now should I?)
    Anyway I have heard of using cardboard to fend of snails.
    Spread sheets of carboard around your plants and you’ll find the snails love it and attach themselves underneath. Not sure if they actually eat the stuff but they do sit on the underside of the cardboard. If they love cardboard better then plants…..they’ll leave your swanplants alone I would think. If not at least they’ll be easily to collect end discard off in the morning.

    Other tips are the beer someone was talking about already, coffee grind or crushed eggshells and sprinkling salt on them (but I think thats nasty) don’t know what would happen if you would sprinkle salt around your plants or even in een circle around pots etc. They would not cross that line for sure. Don’t know if salted environment is good for your plants so I would not use too much. Then again, you don’t want your cats to have to creep through salt either….. difficult.

    good luck! Esther



    Ha ha Clair, Ive been saving mine up in my oven for quite sometime now, and Ive got quite a collection that are warmed enough to be brittle. They are easily crunched up into sharp pieces that I will hope to do just what you have described. Its been so dry here that I think the snails have well and truly “left town”, but as we all know, that wont last.




    Cazie, I’ve tried feeding snails to our chooks – they didn’t like them. I give them a bit of a squish and toss them up onto the roof for the birds. I read somewhere here that broken egg shells, baked hard, and scattered around the base of the plant stops the snails and slugs crossing. I did that a few days ago and it seems to be working. Been eating a lot of eggs lately! Clair



    Hey yay! Go wings. Please let us know how it goes.



    Am going to try, the pub up the road, said I can come collect any beer I want… they have plenty of half drunk bottles the morning after!.



    Apparently flat beer attracts them big time where they will actually drown in it. I will leave it to your imagination as to what you could use to achieve the purpose. To be practical the only caveat being, you would either need to be a chronic boozer or live next to a brewery, or both, especially if you had snails galore.



    Hunting by torch light is lots of fun!

    I squish mine and the birds pick up the debris the next morning. If you don’t kill them at night you might find they can wonder back the the garden before daybreak.

    Gordon Ramsey eats them, and has some nice recipes but the process to clean out their systems is time consuming. Think it takes about 4-5 days so have not tried it.



    Hi, Gill

    You made my day when I read that you put the snails in the middle of your lawn and let the birds feed on them. I wonder if my chooks would like them on their menu. Night patrol. Yes have been doing that ever since I knew I had caterpillars. My family think Im mad, but now they bring me a cup of coffee and a biscuit and tell me that they will see me in the morning. My son (who is 28) asked if I wanted a mattress and blanket bought out next time he visits. My grand-daughter who is 3 told her mother that Nana has a new home and lives with the cattamapa’s. You have to laugh really.



    I collect them up and put them in the middle of my lawn for the birds to feed on 🙂


    Wow thats interesting, poor wee butterfly.

    I like going out and seeking the snails, yesterday was the first day i noticed the slime trails on my nettles and went hunting last night. they are all fairly small at the moment, but am sure with a diet of nettle as its a super food will be getting larger.

    I have tried many snail remedies, but dont seem to find one that works well, ideas anyone?



    Ha, night patrols. I like it and must admit I’ve also gone outside at night with my flashlight to see what my caterpillars are up to !
    Speaking of snails they are also a menace if the weather is bad and you have butterflies ‘overnighting’ near the base of plants. We had awful weather a while back, it wouldn’t stop raining, and I had several butterflies who ended up spending the night hanging onto low branches of my lavendar bush.
    The next morning when I checked on them I found one who was very low to the ground and I was quite disturbed to find he had holes in his wings! On closer inspection I discovered tell-tale snail slime tracks on him. I had no idea snails would take bites out of butterfly wings and was NOT pleased.
    The good news though was the butterfly was still able to fly, but I did feel a bit sad his previously beautiful wings were now blemished with snail bite-marks.

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