Snail bait kill caterpillars?

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    Sandra CA

    Snails have started multiplying and getting into my hollyhocks along with others. I’ve been careful to keep it strictly under these plants but then I saw various cats move from the milkweed to molt and now I’m concerned some could be harmed if they moved to the plants with the snail bait underneath. Can someone tell me if it fatal? I’ve never seen anything dead around snail bait except snails but I can’t help but feel it would kill cats.


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    Sandra CA

    Thanks Norm,

    They don’t sell the poisonous one here in the States anymore. I haven’t seen any dead caterpillars so hopefully I’ve gotten in firm under the plants.
    Thank you for your advice



    Hi Sandra, if the snail bait contains metaldehyde I would be cautious, as it is poisonous to pets. If it is the one that contains iron chelates which break down and feed the plants, it should be O.K. But the golden rule applies – if in doubt, don’t.

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