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    Looking for seeds for growing more seedling in the glasshouse over winter and next year. I am have done a variety of community plantings in the Bromley area, as well as supplying some to a school. Unfortunately my mass growing did not work as planed and i have worked out some better systems so that my seedling grow correctly. Plants that provided seed stock last year were over eaten this year and did not produce seeds.

    I am looking for a large supply of seeds to grow in mass for schools to have seedling for school grounds as well as plants in the classroom. I also wish to create mass community plantings.

    Is anyone able to help with mature seed pods?

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    Hello Carl

    I didn’t see your offer – strange. Will look into it. Sometimes people forget to press the “submit” button… I know I’ve done that several times and wondered what happened to my post.

    Meanwhile, surplus seeds would be welcomed by the MBNZT, IF they are dry, i.e. fully ripe and not stored in plastic bags. They could be sent to me at 3 Morpeth Place, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 1246. Thanks.

    Jacqui Knight



    this forum doesn’t seem to be working too well, I offered free seeds a month ago, and so far have not received any reply, yet here you are, asking for seeds, see m,y forum entry,



    If you don’t get enough from gwallis, email me with your address.



    Hi Richard how do I get seeds to you from Wellington? Can you send me your address please.



    Yes thanks Jacqui, looking for Swan plant seed pods in christchurch



    Hi Richard

    Are you looking for swan plant seeds? I’m guessing you are but might be best to clarify…

    Have also moved this message to the “plants” section.

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