Scabiosa 'Crimson clouds'


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    I’ve been buying plants lately that I hope the butterflies will appreciate, and while the cabbage whites seem well pleased with me (!) nothing has really seemed to capture the attention of the Monarchs, so I was totally rapt when I got this Scabiosa home, and immediately a monarch spent probably an hour on it, and again this morning.

    I was speaking to a friend who owns a nursery, and she wasn’t very impressed with the plant herself, as the one she’d planted died, and when she put cuttings down of another, they all died as well.

    Does anyone have one growing successfully, and do the have any tips for growing it successfully? It really is an absolutely gorgeous plant, I’d like as many as I could take cuttings of, will just have to hope my plant grows nice and big to support propagation. Here are pics:

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    Bunnings 🙂



    Oh wow! That is GORGEOUS. I will look out for it here, BlueSkyBee.

    Where did you get yours from?

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