Saw the bit on Monarchs on One News :)

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    Cool earrings Jacqui!

    What was the insecticide that they were using for aphids that were safe for monarchs..?

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    The item can be seen here:

    I will ask Warwick when I catch up with him next. 🙂



    I second that question about the spray for aphids. Desperately! All the plants I bought from you Jacqui, are covered in millions of aphids (I’m not exaggerating either) and their exuded black stuff, and I think I will lose the lot, the plants are looking so terrible. Monarchs aren’t even laying their eggs on those plants now, but going for all the Giant Swan Plants that I grew from seed and are still quite small.

    I have just watched the item on TV1 plus 1, and note that the spray is something that is made up in house by the nursery that was on first, so it probably won’t have a name. Rather we should ask if it can be purchased by the public from that seller. Did anyone catch the name of that nursery that sells Swan Plants to the public? I didn’t record the item unfortunately.

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