Saving Monarchs

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    I have just saved a newly emerged monarch from a blackbird!! I have never seen this happen before. There seems to be so many risks out there for our Monarchs!! This year I have had a lot of caterpillars compared to other years. My biggest problem, up until now was supplying enough food. At present I have 35 chrysalises that I can find, but had more. Three were on a thyme plant & disappeared overnight, 1 was eaten by ants which I squashed to try & save it, but it was too late. I have removed 10 to a safer place. It is SO emotionally exhausting trying to keep them safe from predators! Does anyone else feel this way??

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    Totally. I think it would be an unusual type of person not to feel something when faced with the ‘hard bits’. It sure is not all happy butterflies. My brother gave it away after 1 season and I remember another lady dropping off her caterpillars to me and saying ‘that’s it’. Every year I contemplate ripping out my plants at some stage or other. I’ve learned to distance myself a bit from the disasters and just focus on doing the best I can and being happy with the successes. I also make an effort not to let things get out of hand as that is also physically exhausting. I have a lot of plants under cover 🙂 and cull eggs if necessary.

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