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    Hello, I have an excess of around 15 caterpillars and no swan plant left to eat can someone help me rehome these babies before they die?

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    Check trade me – there is a listing in Manawatu with plenty of swan plants. Here’s the link for you. They are $2 each. Caryl (Wellington)



    We have been running a series of Tips on our Facebook page

    MBNZT on FB

    I summarised them all here:

    Tips for Busy Monarch Lovers

    To be honest I think it’s going to be hard work finding much swan plant/milkweed in garden centres for the remainder of this season and I urge you all to conserve as much food as what you have – and also to increase your supplies where you can.

    I’m about to post another tip in Facebook and this one will say NOT to pull out any little swan plants growing in lawns or places where you don’t want them. They may well satisfy a caterpillar for half a day and you’ll be grateful of them all.

    We have some nice plants for sale (Blockhouse Bay, Auckland). If you’re not in Auckland, you could perhaps band together with some other locals in the same predicament and phone someone like The Plant Place, Hamilton, to see if they might ship you some established plants down.

    Good luck everyone!



    Located Linton Palmerston North.

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