Running out of food Palmerston North

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    With the crazy hot weather I now have 3 very hungry caterpillars and just about a bare plant… wondering if anyone has some plants to keep these guys going as I still have more eggs to hatch yet on the few leaves left on my plant 😀


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    $30 for a generous twenty, plus $10 P&P. Please contact me privately,, if you’re interested. This is for anyone.



    how much to get some to Welly Jacqui? I’m trying to get the last of the ‘swarm’ through to pupating and everything is chewed out so they are slow to get big and fat enough to give them pumpkin. My new plants from the garden centre are a bit risky yet.

    I’ve got at least 70 chrsalids out there and the first is going to emerge today!



    Hi Cheeky Pixie – I have swan plants for sale. Result of an experiment which has worked very well except that they’ve got too big for me and they need to be used this week or next and I only have eggs and 1st instar caterpillars.

    So if you’re interested you could have them at your place on Thursday. No worries if these don’t appeal to you.





    Hello cheekpixie, Cute name! Hope someone can take your 3 cats and/or you can buy some plants. If you can’t access more plants then I suggest you cull the eggs rather than have them hatch and starve. There are usually some available on trade me (there are some listed in Manawatu). Caryl (Wellington)

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