Romance in the garden?

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    I’m quite excited! I have never had a butterfly spend the night in my garden before (not counting any that fluttered into my enclosure and couldn’t get out). Now I have two – a female and a male – resting in the branches of a small tree that we have in a pot on the deck.

    Earlier, they were sitting one on either side of a swan plant stalk. Then the female flew off, fluttered around around a while, and settled on the tree. A few minutes later, the male also took off and flew around, before coming to rest close by. I’m wondering if a bit of Monarch romance is in the air!

    In any case, I’m just excited to have them for a sleepover in our little tree. 🙂

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    Unfortunately, I didn’t see them the next morning. I would have liked to get a photo! I photographed them in the tree, and my partner joked that I was the paparazzi!

    I like your boy’s description, Tanya. I might use that if we ever see it in our garden (my kids are 5 and 8). 🙂



    my 7 year old calls it butterfly tag, and when they are ‘together’ hes like they have finshed now lol….out of the mouths of kids ah….



    Awesome, Kathleen… Wonder what they’re up to now!

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