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    I was wondering if I have a fairly active new butterfly (she emerged last night) is it best to release her even when its quite cold outside in the later part of the day or to keep her in for another night and release her in the morning?, (hoping she doesnt try to fly around the room too much!-really seems to want to go). I have taken her outside and watched her on some plants and she just looked pretty fed up and cold and was being blown about in the wind, so I brought her back in on some hibiscus in a vase. (is this even a flower they can feed from?)i am a bit concerned about these late season butterflies as I don’t know how much cold they can take but its getting later and later and more chilly and they are still emerging and they can’t live in my house forever!…


    p.s.- thanks jacqui for the contact, bridget was a great help!

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    I put mine on plants underneath my woodshed so they keep dry but can sense the weather is awful. If they don’t get a chance to fly away, I bring them in the house to feed at night and put them in my shade house overnight, then they go back underneath the woodshed the next morning.




    Hi Mary,

    I would keep it in a cool place, so it senses that it’s not a good day to fly. Sorry I didn’t get this message earlier. But I figure that if you did put it outside, it would find somewhere to shelter (under a leaf for example) and would not be very active until the conditions were right. So whatever you have done was okay.

    They can’t feed from hibiscus, they don’t fit. But it won’t need nectar immediately, on a cool day butterflies just conserve their energy by keeping their wings together and staying still – and then they’ll pick up when things are fine.

    Lots of people get worried about the butterflies in the winter, but there will be plenty of warm days when they can fly away, Mary.



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