Red and or Yellow Admirals

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    We have a Bio-Gro certified organic farm which bounds onto the Abel Tasman National Park and since there have been no chemicals applied here for the 18 years since we came here there is a proliferation of all insect life. However, this does not apply to Red or yellow Admirals. As we have an extensive orchard planted with many companion plants including a lot of stinging nettle we think that it would be an appropriate nursery for some caterpillars of the aforementioned, or any indigenous specie that we do not know about. If any person were able to supply us with some suitable caterpillars at the appropriate time of year we would be very pleased to reimburse them.

    I enclose a disturbing article about bees which everyone should read !

    Thank you,

    Anthony Opie

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    Good to hear from you Anthony! I hope you hear from someone locally who will help you.



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