Quality or Quantity of life.

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    I am very new to Monarch Butterfly’s. The school I work at always gets swan plants with a Caterpillar on to show the children the life-cycle. I bought the plants this year as they were in short supply. I bought my family a couple so we could share in this wonder. Believe it or not but I became quite clucky over them. 🙂 I was blessed to be there when they came out of their chrysallis. The first one fell out the bottom and landed on our breakfast bar. He just lay there struggling. We tried to encourage it to climb but it didn’t want to at all. We have popped him outside in one of the garden tubs that we are growing milkweed in. Its breaking my heart to see it trying to flap its wings. They are all crumpled up and obviously he didnt do what he was suppose to do when he hatched. My daughter is feeding it twice a day with sugar water but I will tell her the suggestion here on what to give it. My question is do we continue to rear it or should be euthanise him? I feel so sorry for him/.her. Our second one fell out the bottom of his too but we encouraged it to climb, which he did. He seemed soo big! and absolutely stunning. Our little friend decamped the next day and we haven’t seem him since 🙂 Advice regarding our first born would be appreciated.
    Regards Katy

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    Thank you both for the replies. WE decided the day I wrote that post, that quality of life over quantity was the way to go. So our First born is now fluttering over the Rainbow Bridge. Our ones here at school are due to do hatch too 🙂



    It is a hard one alright. This is my 4th season raising monarchs. Almost every day I am learning about these creatures and the amazing transformation they go through. And every year I have more caterpillars, more butterflies and sadly more pests!
    I now won’t let a butterfly live for more than a day if it’s wings are damaged. It is just not fair.
    Off in the morning to buy my 2nd load of plants THIS WEEK as I have run out again!! These guys are eating me out of house and home!



    Hi Katy

    Most people would euthanase the butterfly with the crumpled wings. TThe easiest way I find is to put it in a dish in the freezer. Good on you to what you’re doing. You’ll learn a lot from participating in the forum – or reading other people’s posts.

    Good on yoU!


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