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    Rosie Souter

    I have found my tiny caterpillars disappearing at the same time that a spider appeared on swan plants. It is light beige in colour and about 1-2 cm in size with a shield shaped body that sits high between the legs. i do have a photo but not sure how to put that on this forum if it would help. Can anyone tell me what it might be before I go the spider ID way? Many thanks.Rosie

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    I lost a lot of eggs and small caterpillars to spiders last year. They were on my outdoor plants at top of garden. I could safely put bigger caterpillars on those plants but very little survived that was laid on them.

    I also lost a few caterpillars to shield bugs.



    hello Rosie

    I haven’t seen anyone identifying spiders in here before. There is no way you can upload a photograph to the forum now (people used to overload our system with fuzzy photos of their favourite monarch caterpillar/pupa/adult so it was discontinued). But you can upload photos to get ID to the site – that’s the best.

    Yes, spiders do I believe eat caterpillars.



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