posting eggs and/or caterpillars

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    so how does one post eggs and/or maybe caterpillars? packing and method please. do they need a box and be sent by courier? thanks in advance 🙂

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    thanks Jacqui 🙂



    To add to what Caryl has advised, I always trim most of the leaf away so if it dries out it doesn’t curl up. I keep about a 10c piece around the egg in case it hatches (but I find mostly the caterpillars that emerge, if they do, will go and eat another bit of leaf anyway!)

    And a recent suggestion as to a container which I will use in the future is the lids of milk bottles with a piece of card sticky-taped to keep them in there. They don’t need air for a two-day journey so don’t put holes in anything.

    I don’t ever send caterpillars. Even when people bring them around to my place – and some have put dozens in a plastic container – I ask the people to put them in a box with no openings – shoebox is great – with some greenery so they’re not all sitting in a mess in the bottom, but can climb around on branches and other leaves and things. Because while they’re in the container they’ll be looking for food, and if they can at least crawl around branches they’re not fighting or damaging each other.

    Hope that helps.



    thanks Caryl 🙂



    Hi Leslie, I have sent many eggs and caterpillars but I think it best to send eggs if the person you are sending them to knows how to look after them. Post is far too slow. I use overnight courier (Courier Post track and trace) which is $8. I pack the leaves with eggs on them in a smallish plastic container between layers of moist paper towels. I do not send them any later than Wednesday in case the couriers take 2 days instead of one. I also ask that the people I send them to keep records and send them to me. Not all eggs hatch – usually at least 50% do, even up to 80%. I don’t send any with the black tip (face) showing as they are very close to hatching. Warm regards, Caryl

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