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    when do i plant swan plant seeds
    and how
    can i put them in compost then in hot water cardboard
    do you have water them e.c.t.
    this is my first time at this
    have one huge plant outside so have heaps of seed from them
    i live in Waverley south Taranaki

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    Sounds OK

    Jacob,before you plant your seed and do not know how old it is it helps to pour very hot water over them and leave for 2+days, some seeds outer cover will get very hard, quite often some will come up straight away don’t throw out the mix as you could get another crop, you can not have too many swan plants,they are attractive when they are in flower and will be an extra source of nectar for the butterflies, if you do not want seed coming up every where cut off the swans before they ripen.

    Every thing still happening in the Quarry,I bring home caterpillars and chrysalises and keep them inside hoping we might get early butterflies hatching and laying eggs.I think there are less predators ,wasps early spring,worth a try.

    Nature has not given us a Spring Forecast.



    Nurseries recommend we sow seeds late spring. I am in Wellington and tried to raise swan plants from seeds about this time last year, inside of course. Not one seed out of 50 germinated so my thoughts are it’s too early yet. Good luck!


    butterfly 62

    hi there Jacob,
    i’m not sure what your conditions in taranaki are like.
    but I will go by what I’m doing here in nelson.

    you can start planting the seed now, in seed raising mix
    as compost is too strong, if it don’t burn the seeds it
    will burn the seedlings as they are coming up.

    fill a container with seed raising mix gently firm down,
    sprinkle with the seed more than you want as they don’t
    always all come up. then sprinkle more mix on top.

    give a fine water by hose on fine, or watering can, or
    a spray bottle. then place on a sunny window sill, not the
    hot water cupboard as it’s too dark. water when dry.

    once your seedlings are about 4cms tall, plant in a container
    filled with potting mix. water and put outside in a sunny but
    sheltered place(patio or similar) for about 2-3 weeks, water
    as dry.

    when you do plant the wee plants out be sure to water them.

    the containers you use need to have holes in the bottom
    for drainage. otherwise it can become water logged and rot.

    I hope this information helps you, have fun, happy gardening.

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