Paper wasps still troublesome

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    Yesterday I was looking at a small caterpillar, probably 2nd instar, feeding on my swanplant when out of the blue came an Asian paper wasp and without settling grabbed the caterpillar and flew off. I had thought the paper wasps may have finished by now but obviously not. Also yesterday I was observing the remains of a kowhai moth caterpillar on the kowhai bush, it had been eaten by something and only the head end remained.

    Thinking it was probably an Asian paper wasp I waited to see if it returned, but was surprised to see an Australian paper wasp settle and carry on feedong on the remains. In the 6 years I have lived in Whakatane I had never seen them before, and have seen two within the week, so it may be a sign of them increasing their territory.

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    I wasn’t aware of having seen Australian wasps on the North Shore before, and then killed four in a day a month or two ago.



    Yes, same problem here in Auckland, Norm.

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