Ophryocystis elektroscirrha

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    I appear to have OE on my Monarch butterflies, and a very sever infestation too. I havent had any official recgonition of this yet but my Monarchs have all the symptons of OE. OE is a protozoan parasite that infects all stages of the Monarch lifecycle. Sever infestations kill their hosts. Is this a common parasite to our NZ Monarchs? Does OE occur in NZ? Can I have some help hear?


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    Hello Rob

    Yes, Oe does occur in New Zealand.

    I had it a few years ago. It is found in wild populations too, but builds up when Monarchs are kept in confined situations quite easily.

    It is more likely to occur in the later generations as the disease has had an opportunity to build up throughout the summer.

    I started again, removing all my plants from the greenhouse and sterilising everything with a weak bleach solution. New plants, new eggs. You can wash eggs to remove any infection, but you probably know that.

    Click on ‘diesease’ to the right for other posts with information.

    Hope that helps.


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