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    In these days of COVID-19 rahui / lockdown many people are searching for ideas how they can create a “better” garden or habitat for their butterflies for next season. It’s a perfect time of the year to be planning!

    I have been asked to run an on-line seminar for financial members who would like to learn more and collect a grab-bag of ideas. The language will be simple and well illustrated. And it’s only $10!

    The first one is being held on Saturday, 11 April at 10am NZ time. You will receive a phone call a few minutes before it begins and will be able to watch the presentation and listen to Jacqui’s commentary. Afterwards, you will receive the notes as a pdf for your review.

    If you’d like to be one of the lucky ten here’s what to do.

    1. Make payment of $10 on line to the MBNZT’s bank account with Kiwibank, 38-9009-0654693-00, putting your SURNAME and POSTAL CODE and SEMINAR as references.

    2. Send an email to @monarch.org.nz">trademe@monarch.org.nz

    which will enable us to cross-reference the payment, with your full name and address.

    3. You will receive an email with further details together with your receipt.

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    Sorry, Jeanette – 10am for an hour.



    Hi Jacqui
    I’ve paid the $10 and emailed the proof of payment to the trademe address given, but I can’t find what time it is other than “morning”. Can you please let me know the time of the seminar and also the duration so I can block out my diary. Thanks



    Another seminar taking place Saturday, 2 May. The cost is $10 and for that you will receive notes at the conclusion of the seminar.

    1. Pay $10 on-line to our bank account, 38-9009-0654693-00.

    2. Email proof of payment to trademe@nzbutterflies.org.nz .

    3. Write the date/time in your diary. Details will be emailed to you Friday.

    See you there!



    Fantastic feedback!!! Thanks so much, I loved it too. And another one coming up on Saturday, 2 May.

    I was so pleased that I was able to join the seminar yesterday. I was mainly looking for suggestions of companion plants to encourage the butterflies to stay in my garden. I was amazed to hear how far they can smell the swan plants. I hope all my young plants survive the winter as I have no caterpillars at the moment. I had early success using a caterpillar castle and released at least 40 butterflies.

    …fun and interesting and the PDF should be useful.

    I was particularly interested to see the magpie moth included, as I have very fond memories of hunting for the “woolly bears” and making sure to spare the groundsel (didn’t know its name until yesterday) Thank you once again for your very worthwhile effort…

    I learned some good hints on how to improve my garden and feel more inspired to make some changes.

    Thank you for the great seminar. So good to get a better understanding of what works with planting a butterfly garden and some tricks of what can attract other types of butterflies. I’m so excited to get in my garden and start preparing for the next season. Jacqui has a wealth of knowledge and I would definitely recommend one of her seminars if you are interested in butterflies. Thanks again!

    I found it really helpful and learnt something’s I didn’t already know so well worth it for me. Thanks for the notes as well much appreciated.



    Hi Jacqui
    I have paid $10 for the gardening seminar

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