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    CUE Haven is situated approximately 2.5 km inland from the eastern coastline of the South Kaipara harbour, and is located within the Kaipara Ecological District. We are located just 4 kms south of the Mt. Auckland/Atuauni Scenic Reserve.

    The CUE Haven property (approximately 58.5 acres / 236,625 sqm) is made up of easy to medium hill country rising 20 metres above sea level at the entrance, to 140 metres above sea level at the rear of the site. There is one main stream gully running westward down through the property. The headwater stream flowing through the gully is a tributary of the Wainui Stream and feeds the Araparera River and into the Kaipara Harbour.

    Thomas Stazyk trustee at CueHaven ( wrote:

    Thank you for your email and best of luck with your very interesting and worth while project.

    CUE Haven is a former dairy farm which the community has restored to a native New Zealand forest. We have never planted Gahnia, but we think there is one naturally occurring plant that we have seen. I’m not sure if it would be possible to harvest seeds or otherwise propagate from that bush, but we have cc’d this message to Jane Straka, who is an ecologist and one of our trustees to see if she has any ideas.

    CUE Haven is frequently used by students as test and research site and if you are looking for a site for your butterfly research, you are most welcome to use the property.

    Best regards,

    Thomas Stazyk

    Jane added:

    I hear you are on the look out for Gahnia and Chionochola plants. We have a small number of Gahnia xanthocarpa available this season in our nursery, this is the larger swamp gahnia.

    The Gahnia species are all very difficult to propagate/grow which is why you will be having difficulty finding them to purchase. They struggle in the high nutrient environment provided by commercial potting mix, and also miss the microrhyzal association found in natural soils, but due to biosecurity issues (kauri dieback especially) natural soils cannot be used in the nursery.

    Chionochola should be easier to find, but we do not grow these ourselves because they don’t grow well in Aucklands humid conditions. You will likely find these in nurseries further down country (may be try Treeline in Rotorua).

    I hope this info is of some use to you , and let me know if want any of the Gahnia xanthocarpa.

    Kind regards
    Jane Straka

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