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    We just want to report that we had a caterpillar with an odd marking (like scar) hatch into a perfect butterfly. I have seen somewhere on this site photos of similar markings but can’t find them any more, sorry. It was like some of the rings on the caterpillars body were pinched together. Interesting that the butterfly was a perfect boy.

    Mimi and daughter (9)

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    I get caterpillars with this same marking. I thought it was a scar, but I’ve seen and heard of it too often, and am now wondering if it’s more of a genetic thing. I’ve seen scars on mine from being bitten by another cat, and the scars were more ragged looking. I had a bunch of unsual caterpillars with no antennae, and no white markings. The first ones didn’t make a great success of things. But since then I would say 90% (about 450) of my caterpillars have little or no white on them (and often odd antennae) and I get perfect butterflies. Around here, a normal looking caterpillar is abnormal for me 🙂



    Hi Mimi, yes that happened to me – I was very concerned, but it all worked out okay! The experts think that perhaps the caterpillar may get attacked by another caterillar!


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