No Ladybirds either Red and Black or the Teal blue ones that go on Citrus.


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    Has any one else noticed they have NO LADYBIRDS in their gardens?? They were sparse last year, but have got none at all this year. We don’t use sprays in our garden.
    I do miss them and wondered if anyone had any surplus ones I could have. The only ones we have, are Black with two golden yellow spots on the lower back. Are they good ones??
    Our swan plants have the yellow aphids on them too., and I am frequently squashing them between my thumb and finger as is run them down the stalks.
    Have got 12 monarchs waiting to be tagged and released, so will go now and do them.That will bring my total tagged up to 122 since 14.02.19.
    email is

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    When you are squishing the aphids you maybe squishing aphid larvae!

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