Newly eclosed butterfly is shivering

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    Hi folks! Hey my newly eclosed monarch butterfly is shivering. She’s waking around now her wings are dry but she’s quivering. We are in Wellington and it’s only 14 degrees would th at make a difference ?

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    Butterflies wing shiver is a method (insects being cold blooded) that is used to increase metabolic rate within the wing muscles. This increases temperature to a degree needed for a quick flight should danger approach.
    My captive Yellow Admirals do this as the sun starts to warm the butterfly house in the mornings or after overcast periods of weather and it gives them the extra strength needed to quickly enter flight.
    I have witnessed this wing shiver in bumblebees flying in very early spring before any other insects could cope with flight. They are well noted for flying in conditions at or below 10c



    I ‘think’ its done to try and warm the wings ready to fly … anyway its not so uncommon and she should be fine. I’m in Welly too and I don’t think any butterflies will be taking flight today lol .. its cold.

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